Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Tom Kitten Cloth Book

Title:  My Tom Kitten Cloth Book
Author: N/a
Illustrator: N/a
Publisher: Fredrick Warne & Co
Genre: Toy
Level: Primary
Number of Pages: 8

Pub. Date: 1994
Summary: This book has pictures of objects with the word underneath them. For example, there is an illustration of a pond with the word ‘pond’ underneath it. The word placement is the same throughout the book and all of the pages are different primary colors.
Critique: The book is made of cloth with foam inside of it, so it is very durable and even if chewed on or bent, would still hold its shape. It is safe for children because there are no small parts that can be broken off and eaten. It is made of cloth so it can be washed if need be and it would still hold all of the graphics and words. The pictures are graphics instead of actual pictures, but most of them look like the real object. My only concern is that this book uses names for the first two kittens in the book, Tom Kitten and Mittens and Moppet, but then gives labels to everything else in the book like a duck or a jacket. This book wouldn’t be good for early readers, but it does allow very young children to interact with a book without the worry of them damaging it.
Response: I think that this book would be good for very young children because it is so durable. This allows them to interact with a book and is very tactile with the fabric pages. Kid can bend or squish the book and it still goes back to its normal shape. It gives them an early experience of turning the page to get to the next picture and allows them to be able to touch the picture and the words on the page. It also plants the idea in young children’s mind that pictures have names or words have meaning.

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