Monday, May 6, 2013

Good Families Don’t

Title:  Good Families Don’t
Author: Robert Munsch
Illustrator:  Alan Daniel
Publisher:  Dell Publishing
Genre: Modern Realistic Fiction   
Level:  Primary
Number of Pages: 32  
Pub. Date: 1990

Summary:  When Carmen tries to tell her parents that there is a big fart lying on her bed, they don't believe her. "Good families like ours," they tell her, "do not have farts." But when they go upstairs to see, the fart attacks them--as it does the similarly disbelieving police when they arrive. Carmen decides that she is going to run completely away so she storms out of the house and crashes into a rosebush. This gives her and idea on how to deal with the situation on her own, which she does with the help of a rose. She puts it in the nose of the fart and he runs out the front door. The story ends with Carmen’s mom making her a stuffed animal fart, saying sometimes good children do have farts.

Critique: This work of definitely falls under the humor category of literature. It’s a family story, well a family and a fart story that engages readers so much that it has them laughing out loud. The family consists of realistic characters, other than the monster looking fart. The plot is definitely original, but I wouldn’t say any of the characters develop or grow and learn about themselves.

Response: Hilarious, absolutely hilarious. I don’t know what else needs to be said. This book really speaks for itself. I enjoyed it so much I even make a ‘fart’ of my own!’ 

Official site of Robert Munsch with information about how this book got its inspiration.

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