Monday, May 6, 2013

The Brain

Title:  The Brain
Author:  Seymour Simon
Illustrator: Seymour Simon
Publisher: Morrow Junior Books, New York
Genre:  Information
Level: Upper
Number of Pages: 32
Pub. Date:  1997
Summary: The book gives an abundance of information about the brain and how it functions. It tells about the nerves that go to the brain, what they are called and what they do. It also follows a single message as it moves through millions of nerve calls from the finger to the brain. Among countless other facts, it gives a description of the different parts of the brain and what each of them are in charge of. In the end it tells about how sometimes things can go wrong with the brain from headaches to strokes, but all in all it’s what really makes you, you!
Critique: The information in this book sounds very accurate, but there aren’t a lot of sources mentioned in the book. The author does thank an M.D. for the careful reading of the manuscript of this book and provides a note about how the photographs in the book were taken by all kinds of amazing new scanners that help doctors see the brain and nervous system.  The book was published in 1997 so there is most likely some additional information or more advanced pictures of brain activity that isn’t included in this book. The information is divided up into pages, like there is one full page on the cerebrum and its cortex and another on the brain stem, but I would have liked to see some text features such as headings or captions, which are not present, to make the information easier to navigate.
Response: I learned a lot about the brain from this book! I think the most interesting topic that I
Author, Seymour Simon
read about was the spinal cord. The graphic for it was incredible showing 31 pairs of spinal nerves that branch out between the vertebrae and go to all parts of the body. Each pair of nerves contains thousands of sensory and motor neurons. I thought this information was really interesting to think about how 31 pairs of nerves can control so much movement.

Interview with Seymour Simon:

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